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there is a hostel in san juan del sur called yajure surf hostel and it is run by a complete psycho named chely. I stayed there a few months ago and he drove us to the beach in his "beach shuttle" aka his van. He drove completely drunk and I told another guest at the hostel not to go with him. When he found out he pulled a knife on me

I do not know what he is thinking by pulling a knife on a guest

I was freaked out so my friends and I immediately left the hostel.

I hope that this review will have you make a good decision

the place is nice but the guy running it is on drugs and is not to be trusted

He wakes up every morning angry and hung over

until he gets a fix and he feels better


Leon, Nicaragua #925219

Buddy of mine was volunteering there and confirmed the comments about the guy being 'a loose cannon'. He advertised double rates over the holidays for the 24th and 25th, and the 31st and 1st which is not unusual, but it wasn´t until guests went to check out they discovered he´d actually jacked up the price for a 2 week period over the holidays.

People like this tend not to last too long.

He´ll shoot himself in the foot if somebody doesn´t beat him to it.



after you spend your month there

you should message me or write on this board to let us know how it went..i assure you that you are in for a treat


my name is marc and I worked at yajure for 6 weeks

i have also stayed there more than anyone else since yajure has been opened(this i am pretty sure of)

I was there when chely pulled the knife on the guest

I personally stopped him from getting in a fight in the streets of san juan del sur

I help him get his truck out of the river when he drive it into the water in high tide when he was drunk/high

everyone who lives in San Juan knows heis a luncatic

if yu stay there for a day or two you may not know

but if you stay long enough you will see how much of a lunatic he is

its a nice hostel because if the location and the pool but the guy is crazy

i started pool parties there to attract new clients with my own money and didnt get it back...

i had to leave without saying anything because he was just otu of control....

it surprising that he isnt arrested yet

He did help me once when I broke my arm in san juan del sur

he drove me to the clinic

but he was also wasted drunk at that point as well....and i had no other option..than i just took a cab because it was just not safe......

some of the oter guys who spent a lot of time at yajure should come out and say something..


this is not a lie

i personally worked at yajure for bout 6 weeks

i know the hostel since it was opened

and like everyone else who worked for this lunatic

i picked up my stuff and left

I was there when this guest was threatened

i personally stopped chely from getting in a fight with someone in the streets of san juan del sur

i also was the one to start having pool partiies at the hostel to get more guests

and i put out my own money to do this just to help this guy out

many of you who stay there for a day or two may not see it

but this is one of the craziest people \i have encountered

me and many other people chose not to come out and say anything

but the story that was told is completely true

and we can add tons for to this post if you will like to get more information

i also live in nicaragua but i am not from here

the dude is a nut case..its simple


I've heard aboslutely nothing but great things about Chely and Yajure Hostel, so good in fact that Im leaving next month to go spend a month or so down there just because i've heard such great things consistently...I smell bull sh*t on your story hermano


I think we all know judging by every other comment ever written about Yajure this is a total lie. Jelously and personal attacks im sure has everything to to with this comment.

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